RoyalCBank Review

Trade in the Market of Your Choice With RoyalCBank

Royal C Bank Review

Statistics show that trading has become a popular career choice because of the benefits it has to offer. Not only can you be your own boss and have the flexibility you want, you also get the chance to earn a considerable return on your investment. But, in order to get started in this world, you have to have a trading platform from where you can conduct trades.

RoyalCBank was launched last year, which makes it a relatively new platform, it has still become the top choice of thousands of traders. Why is this so? Royal C Bank operates on a global scale and provides traders with excellent trading services as well as educational programs.

Through this platform, both amateur and skilled traders can enhance their knowledge of different trading markets such as cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange, stock and commodities. RoyalCBank has made use of proprietary software to provide its clients access to global financial markets through which they can trade precious metals, futures contracts, equity indices, forex and cryptocurrency.

The use of this trading software ensures that traders who choose Royal C Bank are able to conduct their transactions through laptops, smartphones, desktop computers and tablets. It is compatible with all these devices and their respective OS.

When you want to start trading at RoyalCBank, you will have the option of choosing between different account types such as Islamic, demo, ECN capabilities and standard spread. The only hesitation traders face is due to the fact that Royal C Bank is a new trading platform and this can make it tough to trust. However, the benefits the platforms has to offer outweigh this issue and this has played a vital role in its worldwide acceptance.

When traders choose to use RoyalCBankk, they are able to enjoy a high leverage ratio and avail the perks of the proprietary trading platform. Moreover, you can also gain access to universal accounts that offer low transaction fees, spreads and also encourage transparency and fair trading.

Security is also a priority for RoyalCBank due to which they have implemented the latest 256-bbit SSL technology for encrypting all data and information provided by the traders. Their customer service is also spectacular, but that’s not all. There is lots more that this trading platform has to offer to its users and some of these important features are highlighted below:

  • Availability of platforms

Royal C Bank is dedicated to providing its users with the best possible options in the trading world. This is why they have opted to also use the well-recognized easy-to-use MetaTrader4 product line. Some of the products that are part of this line include Android Trader, MT4 iPhone, MetaTrader4, MT4 Mac OS, iPad Trader and MT4 multi-terminal.

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Thanks to this variety, all traders require is access to the internet and they can conduct transactions, regardless of time or location. There are ECN accounts at RoyalCBank that can be used by professional and institutional traders who are looking for high throughput and all this is available at tighter speeds and low charges. Mirror Trader also gives access to further options.

  • High leverage options

Another aspect in which RoyalCBank stands out amongst other trading platforms is that it caters to every trading style. They are offering both levels i.e. 1:100 and 1:200. But, it is compulsory for traders to understand that these ratios can also result in losses so risks should only be taken after evaluating each and every aspect.

  • Customer support

The customer service department at Royal C Bank is a superb one because the trading platform has hired a team of well-versed and skilled employees. Their job is to put in lots of effort in ensuring that the thousands of traders using their platform are able to have a seamless trading experience.

Traders who are still trying to make up their mind about RoyalCBank will be pleased to know that in the short time it has been operational, the customer service team of the platform has already gotten awards. In addition, as the platform is aiming at traders all over the globe, it is offering support in a horde of languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Urdu as well as English. Their team can be reached 24/7 via email, live chat and phone too.

  • Payment and withdrawal options

Another way this trading platform has made it convenient for people to begin trading in numerous markets is by supporting popular payment and withdrawal methods. For making deposits, all standard methods are offered such as bank wire transfers, use of credit and debit cards and also local payment providers.

Moving funds is easy through all these methods as they are widely used. In terms of withdrawal as well, the platform has tried to make the process quick and if delays are expected, traders are informed promptly.

However, traders should know that their transactions will only go smoothly if they have complied with the requirements of Royal C Bank.

At the time of registration, they need to submit some important documents such as proof of ID and address to authenticate their details and speed up the verification process. As long as their account is verified, they don’t have to deal with any delays.

  • Security

A prominent feature of Royal C Bank that has gained it a lot of appreciation from traders is its strong privacy and security policy. They have provided all details on their website, which include information about the security measures and encryption systems that are in use.

The purpose is to make certain that all transactions are conducted safely and securely. Since secure protocols are used for monitoring all transactions, there is a very little chance that accounts can be compromised, unless the traders decide to hand over their information themselves.

  • Beginner support

Last, but not the least, RoyalCBank is also an excellent choice for new traders because it has provided extensive educational materials and programs on the platform.

The content can be immensely useful for those who are just beginning their trading journey and even experienced traders can learn new strategies and tactics through the videos and ebooks provided at RoyalCBank.